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Finding a suitable job in Alabama is becoming more difficult, getting your GED online can be a big help.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment in the state has increased gradually to hover at around 7% over the past year. Without a high school diploma, chances for employment are especially bleak. One of the best ways to hedge your bets on finding a sustainable line of work will be to invest in your education. There are multiple benefits beyond gaining a degree. For instance, one of the most valuable things a GED classes online can offer you is the necessary skill set to continue your education, in college and beyond. By furthering your education, you are not only developing your professional capabilities, but also demonstrating a consistent work ethic and drive for success.


The qualifications for taking the GED test in Alabama are similar to most other states. For starters, all applicants must not be enrolled in any type of school. Current attendance of any public K-12 school, private K-12 school, church school, or private tutoring program will disqualify an applicant from taking the GED test. Secondary school diplomas will also disqualify applicants from applying to take the test. There are varying age requirements depending on the level of education completed. Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

• Be at least 18 years old
• Be 17 years old and have exited a state public school prior to August 1, 2009 with proof of permission from a parent/guardian
• Be 17 years old and have exited a state public school after August 1, 2009 with completed Student Exit Interview from the school system and proof of parent/guardian permission
• Be 16 years old and have exited a state public school prior to August 1, 2009 with completed Certificate of Exemption form and proof of parent/guardian permission
• Be 16 or 17 years old, a resident of Alabama, and withdraw from public/private/church school with proof of parent/guardian permission

Top GED Test Sites

There are 49 test sites located across Alabama, so choosing a GED testing center should be based on convenience and location. For the most part, these sites are based on college campuses. Community colleges like Alabama Southern Community College, Jefferson State Community College, Lawson State Community College, and Shelton State Community College are all viable choices for test centers. The University of Alabama also offers GED tests at several of its campuses, including the Tuscaloosa and Huntsville locations.

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