4 Benefits of Getting your GED

Getting a General Equivalency Diploma brings new opportunities to your life in a handful of ways, but there are some proven statistics about the benefits of getting your GED. Some people choose to complete their high school education to start making more money at work, to take college-level courses, or to switch careers. No matter your reasons, there are many more pros than cons to completing a GED program.

1.     Improved Salary 

According to the GED Testing Service, people that complete their high school credential make an average of $568,000 more in their lifetime than those without a diploma. This is because the more education you have, the more valuable your time is. No matter how you use your GED, you can claim more wages than you would without it. People with more education are sooner chosen for promotions and advanced positions on the workforce. Not only that, but with a GED you can enroll in college and complete an advanced degree. People with college degrees make significantly more money in salary.

2.     Professional Flexibility

Without a high school diploma, there are not many jobs that you are qualified to hold. This limits your options when choosing where to apply for work and where you can obtain full-time employment. With your high school education, you can become more of a specialist and enter more advanced fields of professional work. For example, with just a high school education you can work in a law office as an assistant, a medical facility as a nurse aide, or a handful of other industries with entry-level positions. 

3. Greater Job Satisfaction

Being able to choose your career leads you to a much more fulfilling lifestyle. Most people that work in unfavorable jobs experience higher rates of burn-out than those that are happy with their work. If you have more options and more power to choose your path, you can have a much higher degree of job satisfaction. If you are happier with your job, it is easier to do a good job and the rewards will accumulate around your positive state of mind and work ethic.

  4. Continuing Education Opportunities


Once you’ve completed your high school credential with the General Equivalency Diploma, there are many more opportunities for you in your education. Not only college level courses, but vocational training programs are available to high school graduates. If there is a field of study you always wanted to enter, you can do so with your GED. Everything from healthcare to computer technology is open to you once you achieve the standard level of adult education. Don’t stop with your GED! Keep going and get the training that will give you the job that you were born to do.

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