3 Mistakes People Make on the GED Test

Getting your General Equivalency Diploma requires a lot of preparation and careful planning. All your hard work is put to the test and whether or not you pass depends on your performance on test day. That seems like a lot of pressure. Come test day, people can get nervous and absent-minded. Sometimes they make mistakes that are easily avoided. If you’re worried about doing your best on the day of the test, here are some common mistakes that test-takers make when they’re trying to get their GED.

Mistake: Getting Stuck on a Question
Solution: Skip and Come Back 

You’ve been studying for weeks and you’re finally taking the official test. Every question seems as important as the next because each one affects your score. But not all questions are equally difficult. One of the best ways to keep your momentum going and your spirits up is to skip the toughest questions and come back to them later. Fortunately, four out of five subjects on the GED test have no time limit. Some test-takers start to unwind and become frazzled when they are faced with an impossible question. In some cases, other questions on the test might jog your memory or give you a valuable piece of information that helps you answer the impossible question. It never hurts to skip a question but make sure to come back and find it again before you turn in your test. 

Mistake: Rushing to Finish

Solution: Keep Track of Time 

On the day of the test, you might be filled with nervous energy andgetting to the end of the test seems like the only form of relief. But rushing to finish your test can be a disservice to yourself. The only subject of the test that has a time limit is the Writing portion. Wearing a watch or keeping a close eye on the testing facility’s clock will help you remember that you have as much time as you need on the test. On the Writing portion, carefully plot your time and keep to a schedule while planning and writing your essay. The more aware you are of the time you have, the less pressure you will feel. 

Mistake: Filling in the Wrong Bubble
Solution: Double-check Answers

You can figure out the right answer to a question, but if you fill in the wrong bubble, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. One of the most common mistakes on any test is putting in the wrong answer when you meant to put in the right one. Especially on the paper form of the test, the multiple-choice bubbles can blend together in your sight and you may fill in “B” when you meant to fill in “C.” You have as much time as you need, so use it all. When you have finished your test completely, take an extra five or ten minutes to go through each of your answers. Make sure you haven’t left any blank and verify the answers filled in were the ones you wanted. Even catching one mistake will make reviewing your test worthwhile. Double-checking your answers could be the difference between passing and failing, so don’t get impatient.

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